photolog thingys

2003.08.06 20:21 | uncategorised

a few years ago i stumbled on a website. it was of a fella around my age who took a picture of himself every day and posted it online. so over time you could see changes in time of his apperance. most obvious was the changes in his hair. less obvious was those subtle changes that happens over time. well today, while on a non related website, i found a link to a copy cat!. this one is only going seven months or so.

having found this site, i then tried to find the original site from several years ago. google came to the rescue as per usual. the site is called “when will it end“, and its a subsite of his main site.

anyway, on the main part of the site, there is a set of links to similar photo log/time based archival projects. check some of them out, really good stuff.

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