planning panel

2004.05.11 22:15 | architecture, helsinki, planning

we spent a few hours at the discussion panel this evening. there was about 9 people in the panel with another 100 or so in the audience. the presentation started off with a slide presentation of the propasals for keskipasila and then the two different architectural plans put forward by the two offices. i understood quite a lot of this, due to the slide and the person talking slowly, but when it came time for the panel discussion i was pretty much lost. anyway, from the first part i found out that the proposed second underground metro line here in helsinki will finish about 2minutes walk from my apartment!. from a document outside in the model presentation area i found out the route of the proposed new tram line (no.9) which goes by my apartment too. now, i need to go study the five different participle cases. they are driving me nuts.

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