2004.08.01 17:42 | uncategorised

when i was younger, school holidays during the summer lasted two months in national school and three months in secondary school. the anticipation of going back to school in september was always coupled with the fact that i usually had forgotten how to write properly over the summer months. the flow and speed of writing that id gotten used to up to may was now gone come late august. there was usually no need to write during the summer. being outside running around or sitting playing civilization on the computer usually meant that pen and paper was never required.

well now i am in that situation again, my handwriting has deteriorated (as well as my spelling and general cognitive funtions) to a horrendous level. i have an entrance test this tuesday for a forthcoming finnish language course and my brain and general level of sanity and self confidence hovering somewhere around the “lacking” department at the moment. i am unable to focus and to complete simple tasks, of course this entry might be read by prospective employers in which case i am tip top shape for any potential employment, but for the rest of the time i feel a little bit frustrated in myself. i am getting worked up over the smallest things, leaving the big challenges for another time. if i didnt have these two courses coming up soon i think my brain would implode. [insert long passage of curse words]

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