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2005.02.15 00:42 | internets

i check my web logs every few days to see whats going on, who is linking to my site and so on. its the needy part of me. anyway, over the last month or so ive seen new people linking to me, not the nice kind but more the spam kind for some reason. i have no idea why. but out of the 468 sites that linked to me so far this month about 80% are stupidily named sites like the ones in the image above. other ones that i was able to block a few weeks back involved learning how to play various types of card games. strange world we live in.

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  1. atomicvelvetsigh says:

    oh i have linked you to my blog. rest assured im not spam. *lol…

    cool pics you’ve got here! i admire your keen eye…

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