2005.09.19 20:59 | new york city, sigur rós, travel

i got back this morning after a fantastic week. got to see three great concerts, got into a taping of conan o brien on tuesday (it was broadcast here in finland last friday), met up with lots of friends, got very little sleep, enjoyed the hot hot hot weather, drank lots of poland spring, didnt spend too much money, got an sas frequent flyer card, watched “madagascar”, got charged 25€ for receiving text messages (i think), saw the cats again, ate some fancy noodles and i sat in two amazing venues and wished for a proper camera.

just remembered: bought lots of magazines in that place on broadway, got season 1 of samurai jack on dvd and we got interviewed for the new york times whilst waiting for conan!

update: some pictures on flickr [2005.09 nyc + boston].

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  1. Sir Angus MacGyver says:

    hoorayyy! böle meets the world. welcome back big fella.

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