2005.11.17 20:31 | photo, sigur rós

sigur rós did two concerts here in helsinki late last month – i spent some time updating the tour diary over that weekend but i never got to mentioning about it here. above are three photos, the first is of the first song – glósóli – the second smáskífa and the third is the of them bowing at the end of the concert. a great/drunken/hectic/exhasuting weekend was had.

(the second image might look a bit crap, but its of one of my highlights of their live show. smáskífa is made up of two parts, the second part is mindblowing. the band leave the stage leaving orri playing keyboards on his own – the visuals of of birds sitting on a telephone line – the colours inverted. as orri plays the birds come and go, then just as orri finishes and stands up to leave the stage the birds all fly away as if in syncronicity with him. an amazing moment that never dulls despite seeing it five or six times this year).

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  1. Jenny says:

    “the second part is mindblowing”

    We saw them in Michigan a few months ago. You’re absolutely right, it was mindblowing. During that song, around the room, there were looks of childlike glee or tears on all of the faces. Fabulous.

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