2006.08.08 21:30 | randomness

i am slowly but surely on the path to developing technological tourettes syndrome. at the moment any time i get within 20cm of a product i have paid a lot of money for (camera, phone, desktop computer) it begins to die – and i curse uncontrolably at it under my breath. now – every time i take a picture on my cameraphone i wait for the “out of memory” notice to pop up and stab me in the heart so i counteract with a tirade of curse words. its cathartic but ultimately pointless as the phone can not understand me.

my desktop computer died a few weeks back – i spent some time on sunday getting it back working again using an old hard drive (the two that were in it when it died were unaccessable for the time being). so after a few hours of messing around with primary and secondary ide cables, windows 2k and windows xp pro i eventually got it working. the first of the previously unaccessable drives i went trying to access was found to be completely kaput. unreadable. nada. nolla. the second one (a 1yr old 160gb drive) was readable up to a point – thankfully i got most of that stuff backed up onto an external hd disk drive. so i went back to retiring those “unaccessable” drives – and went back to using my original 30gb drive – all was well until this a little while ago. so feck it.

my camera has had a dusty sensor for a while – its a second hand dslr so thats to be expected. the autofocus stops working the other day so i take it to get fixed. 3 weeks its going to be gone. 40euros to have it checked, and then 82euros per hour to have it fixed – (im presuming that the dust is causing the autofocus to not work). delightful.

when desktop died i took the big step of ordering a new laptop. so i went around one day to the few apple suppliers here in helsinki and asked how much it was for what i wanted (standard macbook pro with slightly faster hard drive), they all came back around the same price but all said it would be a few weeks before it could be delivered as it had to be hand crafted by some dude near shanghai. so that was meant to take 2-4 weeks. its now 3,5 weeks and im getting tetchy (que “red dwarf” joke). thing is that the dudes i ordered it from have no idea when apple will deliver it. none. they know when a delivery person rolls it in the front door of their shop.

at least the weather is warm 🙂

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  1. ep says:

    for some reason these things tend to come ’round the corner all at once. if it comforts you at all, my 3 year old laptop is nearly dead. and the people who used to fix it have stopped doing this brand all together. so it’s next to useless. maybe we should all return to the basics. forget technology. unabomber, anyone?

  2. greg says:

    if it’s any consolation, Apple is never able to provide any information about delivery dates. it’s terrible.

    and when they do, they’re often wrong.
    the website is notorious for that sort of thing, too.

    stay tough. are you going to have it by the time i arrive?

  3. darren says:

    ere: we can live in the forest in keskuspuisto and send handwritten letters to hesari demanding the dismantling of the finnish industrial complex.

    greg: should be here by the time you get into town.

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