2006.10.27 21:44 | randomness

when i was younger i cycled to school a bit – to keep the bike lit up during winters we had dynamos attached. they would touch one of the wheels and the friction would cause the light to light up. bravo we thought – but of course they had an annoying humm and slowed down the bike.

when i was in copenhagen a week or two back i saw something similar – but it was contactless (as in there was no dynamo – but instead two magnets that almost touched). a magnet is attached to a spoke with another attached to the frame – as the wheel turns electricity is generated and the light lights up!.

check it out at

2 Responses to “lights”

  1. Laura says:

    That animation is capturing.
    Why does it have to flash? I have a light that works with a battery, can’t use the flashing option because it makes me feel like I’m in a disco

  2. dw says:

    as the wheel rotates the magnets come in “contact” with each other. so the frequency of the flashing is in relation to the speed you are cycling – and to the amount of magnets you attach to the spokes of the bike.

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