2006.12.08 14:49 | finland, randomness

saw bond again last night. as good as the first time.

signed a contract with my first customer for my business.

i spent some time working out my income budget, pension plan, savings accounts etc. for next year. now i need to sort out how much money i actually spend on random rubbish.

berlin is still in my mind.

looking forward to going home in eight days time. wooo. looking forward to a break from the internets.

2007 will be a year of not much travel. i intend to get the world to come to me.

i had more to say but i cant remember now.

4 Responses to “updating”

  1. Katri says:

    Jei! Onneksi olkoon siitä sopparista! Vaikka et paljoa matkustelisikaan, voisit silti harkita Pariisiin tuloa, vai?

  2. dw says:

    heihei! toivotavasti – mutta nähdään tammikuussa ennen kuin lähdette takaisin kouluuuuun

  3. ep says:

    congrats for the 1st contract! i thought the bond film was crap. saw it only once, though 🙂 but i guess that’s better than ‘forgettable’ or ‘insignificant’ (referring to all bonds starring dalton and brosnan & some of moore). lazenby doesn’t even count…

  4. ep says:

    ah! i’d totally forgotten about ‘never say never again’ (1983, a remake of ‘thunderball’ starring connery). the film featured also kim basinger and rowan atkinson (!). now THAT was forgettable. hence me forgetting it.

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