2007.03.12 20:46 | finland, ireland, randomness

currently downloading the latest firmware for my phone. i was looking at my operators website just now and i see that my ongoing phone activity for the month has already the current download in the list. i noticed aswell that so far this month (12 days) i have downloaded 220mb or so on my mobile phone – thats in jaiku traffic, internet, shozu/flickr uploading and the afore mentioned firmware update. the cost for all this is 9,95euros (that includes unlimited data transfer at 128kbs, 1000sms and 1000mms).

the same data transfer on an equivilant phone (monthly bill on o2) in ireland would be 1100€ (they charge 5€ per 1mb transfer). (vodafone works out at 425€ for 225mb transfer). is there something i am missing?

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  1. Teemu says:

    And it doesn’t stop there.

    One of Jaiku users from India reported that unlimited data plan costs 4.5 US dollars a month! It’s a special case and standard cost is aroung 15 US dollars per 1GB.

    There’s definetly something wicked going on in data pricing of some Western European countries.

  2. Basti Hirsch says:

    crud, should have considered study abroad in india instead of finland & estonia 🙂

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