taking off

2007.03.27 17:33 | denmark, planning, travel


outside gate a27 in kastrup, copenhagen this morning. i was heard to audibly gasp a few moments before i took this when i walked into this section for the first time. nothing overly spectacular, just wasnt expected.

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  1. jean-marc says:

    took same pix yesterday night 🙂

  2. dw says:

    ha! i missed you by a dayish.

  3. jean-marc says:

    haa . but i wonder what you were doing at the domestic terminal by the way!
    yesterday eve was surreal, connecting flight to ålborg delayed, i was there at midnight completely alone in this corridor… (… shooting and shooting hehe)

  4. dw says:

    strange indeed.

    i didnt have much time to take pics, i just took a few and had to go to my gate. i tried to get some pics of some business man in a dark suit walking through this white space – the pics came out fine, just his stride was all wrong when the shutter snapped. makes him look like a monkey :/ happened twice.

  5. monkeyfan says:

    löl monkeys are funny. good work! show us the pics.

  6. dw says:

    i forgot to put them onto flickr! will put them online later tonight.

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