2008.04.23 20:54 | mobile, randomness

have to admit to be slightly surprised to find out that jaiku is now being run as a “20%” project by the jaiku staff who joined google when they were bought out. (jaiku link: “googlea ei kiinnosta jaiku palveluna, tiimi tekee sitä 20% ajallaan” translates as “google arent interested in the jaiku service, the team does it on their 20% free time”

of course in the long term bits of jaiku and the ideas behind jaiku will find their way into parts of google / android etc., but for the time being its sort of strange to think something i have on my phone 24/7 is a side project. hopefully the “coming soon” port to google apps engine will mean that the backend of the site will be sorted out and more features can be put into the site. fingers crossed.

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