2008.04.30 18:27 | music, randomness

gigs coming up:
may: the national, broken social scene
june: mgmt, håkan hellström
july: björk
august: sigur rós (somewhere in europe)

listening to “unravel” by björk lots at the moment. i bought the album years ago (i think its currently at home in ireland in a press), i recently rediscovered the album and found myself obsessed by the music of unravel. its just astounding and hypnotic.

currently planning summer.

may: ulrich schnauss
june: bonnie prince billy

2 Responses to “unravel”

  1. moth says:

    hmm, do you clean out comments after a while? that ukulele cover… it’s in progress 🙂

  2. dw says:

    my hosting company had a bit of a flup up a while back – lost some of the more recent comments in wordpress when they restored an old backup or something.


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