looking up

2008.09.14 17:21 | helsinki, photo


slightly altered the blog template to make it a bit easier to post wider images (before it was 600px max, now its 700px).

4 Responses to “looking up”

  1. moth says:

    that made me look!

    (i’ve just noticed your email box is called nail, i think that might be deliberate 🙂 i’m going to write a wordpress theme now, will take heart from you…)

  2. dw says:

    ha! i changed the “M” in “Mail” to an “n” by mistake 🙂

    but check this out: http://www.themedreamer.com/ made life so much easier.

  3. moth says:

    fix it fix it then!

    and oooh thanks. i’m doing a site for a lady who wants to fiddle with it herself so i’m thinking about giving her dreamweaver. this’ll be good i think. you are full of resources!

  4. dw says:

    fixed now 🙂

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