2008.09.16 19:43 | movies, music, randomness

months ago i saw the few moments from a movie – a camera slowly floating above a landscape as two silhouettes stood side by side beside the outline of a tree. it was one of those moments where you just stopped in your tracks and stared. it was from the movie “heaven” by tom tykwer.

a lot of the movie has soundtrack by the estonian composer arvo pärt – some of his music ive been listening to regularily over the last 7 years or so. the power of the visual element of “heaven” was that now after just one viewing of the movie i immediately start to think of what is playing in the movie as i listen to the music.

above you i float

on the same idea, even now eight years later i still imagine myself in a train in norway or sweden when i listen to the ný batterí ep.

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