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2009.02.12 00:00 | internets, ireland

so ireland are playing a soccer match right now, im not much of a sports person – but i thought whilst i was looking at rte.ie i might aswell see what the score was (the match is on going)

so on the homepage of rté i notice a flash graphic with a picture of the boys in green:


i click on the picture and im taken to the next page


hmm, no id like the score please. video only works in ireland, audio works worldwide but i could be listening for a few minutes before i actually get to hear the score and get an overview of what i missed…

i do notice “irish international” over on the left hand sidedbar. i click and i see the following:


so irelands biggest soccer match of a few months and no story updated about the match in eight hours! no word on the team, the first half etc. madness.

same thing happened a few months back when ireland played new zealand in rugby. the match was on at 1715 irish time, i checked the rte website at 2120 finnish time (1920 irish time) and there was nothing whatsoever about the match – probably because ireland got hammered. it seemed that the entire rugby section wasnt updated since before the irish rugby match started, indeed the only mention of the match was a match preview story from the day before.

my almost daily heckling of rte.ie goes on.

(to give rté its fair dues, im sure their coverage on radio + television of both matches in question was fantastic)

2 Responses to “whats the latest?”

  1. Tony says:

    I just wen to rte.ie, hit Sport at the top, and Ireland 2-1 Georgia is written in about seven places.

    They’re obviously reading your blog and taking notice.

  2. dw says:

    indeed its there now – just odd that they dont have the score written anywhere during the match. i guess its on aertel online but thats so much work. in comparison i went to news.bbc.co.uk at the same time last night, clicked on their live match tracker on that page and boom there it was; 2-1. shame rté couldnt do it so simply

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