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a photo series by photographer will amlot called “tracks” that i found and lost and just found again – from a magazine called “the space between” that a friend put out a few years back.

a quote by the photographer from the article:

“a track is a place where people have put their mark on the landscape – where people have trodden. it could be a vanishing pathway in the sand, or a trail work by pilgrims over centuries”

“i’m a professional photographer, and i produce a lot of digital work very quickly. this project is the antithesis to that. it takes weeks to set up the shoot – to recce the place, to choose a patway, and to wait for the right light

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  1. Will Amlot says:

    I shot this series of work “Tracks’ on a 5 x 4 camera, about 5 years ago, (over a period of 3 years). I loved doing them and enjoyed the whole analogue process of composing the picture, loading the film, waiting for the sun to set and sitting with the camera for sometimes up to 6 hours.

    I wanted to retrace people’s footsteps and pathways, that mark both the cities and landscapes of England.

    I now specialise in portraiture and use all digital equipment, with fast turnarounds and plenty of computer time, the total opposite of the technique I used for creating ‘Tracks’; which is one of reasons it marks a very special time for me.

    Thank you for mentioning it.


    Will Amlot

  2. dw says:

    hey will, thanks so much for the comment! do you have any of the series online?

  3. Will Amlot says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings about putting them online. The series took so long and became so special to me that I would like them to retain some form of exclusivity.

    I would love to see them exhibited in a gallery and have already sold a number of the images to art buyers – so I think the interest is there.

    If you or anyone knows of a suitable gallery then let me know. Seeing them exhibited would be the final chapter to all that hard-work.

    Thanks Darren,


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