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2006.04.04 | internets, randomness | no coments »

living in an epicentre of mobile telecommunications i am expected (by some of my friends in ireland) to have a super fancy nokia phone (the company is finnish – ergo they must be really cheap here – the same logic that had me on my school tour to holland/amsterdam when i was 13 hoping to buy dozens of blank c90 tapes as philips were a dutch company. flawed logic it turned out to be).

phones arent subsidised here in the same way as back in ireland – something that costs 50euros (phone + contract inclusive) would cost 600€ here (phone). so when i came back last week from a few days away i noticed all these ads full of old bulky brick phones “suomessa on melkeinpä euroopaan vanhimmat puhlimet – siirry nykyaikaan” (in finland, the phones are almost the oldest in europe – come into the present). so the anti subsidising law was withdrawn for (3g) phones from april the 1st. so now there is at last some way of getting a cheap phone.

my current operator, saunalahti (a virtual operator), has these amazing deals – in most cases you get a 3g phone for free – but pay 20euros a month (including 3000minutes a month!!!!). a great offer – but a bit overkill for my needs (i make on average 8 minutes of phone calls a month) – it was tempting though!.

in conclusion, the fizzy cola sweet i got in k citymarket yesterday wasnt too nice. fingers crossed some new packages come onto the market soon that give me a free cool phone and free smses or something.

spam links

2005.02.15 | internets | 1 comment »

i check my web logs every few days to see whats going on, who is linking to my site and so on. its the needy part of me. anyway, over the last month or so ive seen new people linking to me, not the nice kind but more the spam kind for some reason. i have no idea why. but out of the 468 sites that linked to me so far this month about 80% are stupidily named sites like the ones in the image above. other ones that i was able to block a few weeks back involved learning how to play various types of card games. strange world we live in.