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two things stood out as i read through the irish times today.

dozens sympathise with sex offender

about 50 people, mostly middle-aged and elderly men, queued yesterday to shake hands with the convicted man and hug him tearfully after he was brought from the cell to the dock, before judge mcdonagh entered the courtroom.

before passing sentence, the judge criticised a character statement made by castlegregory parish priest fr seán sheehy. the priest had said foley was always “respectful of women”, but foley’s actions “gave the lie” to fr sheehy’s statement, the judge said. (link)

five serving bishops mentioned in report

the bishop of limerick, who resigned today, was one of five serving bishops criticised in the dublin diocesan report for their handling of cases of abuse in the dublin diocese between 1975 and 2004.

there can be no doubt that of the five bishops who – up until this morning were still in office – and who were dealt with in the report, the most vulnerable was the bishop of limerick, donal murray.

this vulnerability was added to when the family of a man who alleged abuse, and who died tragically in 2006 following a meeting with representatives of limerick’s catholic diocese, called for his resignation.

peter mccloskey (37) was found dead on april 1st, 2006, two days after mediation talks with diocesan representatives. his brother joseph said he had been “devastated” by the mediation process with the diocese. (link)


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hogans pub, south great georges street. dublin. july 2006


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another country

time flies regardless


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above is a picture of the proposed route for the raidejokeri light rail project – it will go from itäkeskus in the east to tapiola in the west. funny to see pictures of dublin in the raidejokeri website.


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i just started to read a book i got for christmas – called “the builders” by frank macdonald and kathy sheridan (of the irish times).

only on page 35 so far, but here are some interesting extracts:

“… successive governments had failed to implement the 1974 keane report on building land, which recommended that all land designated for urban developement should be compulsorily aquired by the local authorities at its existing use value, plus a premium of 25 per cent. as a direct result of this failure, huge profits went into the pockets of everyone who owned land or speculatively aquired it, and the inflated cost was passed onto the homebuyers”

“green party td (teachta dála, member of lower house of the irish parliament) ciarán cuffe estimates that at least 100 of the 800-plus councillors countrywide work as estate agents or auctioneers”