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following on from this scan i took a few months back comes this!


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tomorrow ireland gets a new taoiseach (prime minister), brian cowen and he will meet gordon brown at some stage in the near future.

for that meeting some paper somewhere will have the photo caption / headline: “how now brown cowen”


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i left ireland around the time enda kenny become leader of fine geal (the second largest political party) so i never really saw much of him on television. most of my irish news gathering comes from listening to the radio. i just saw this video of him on youtube talking about a policy that his party had (basically “if we get into power and we dont do all these things – i will resign”). something very odd about him. it has the feel of a comedy sketch.

dublin metro

2008.01.18 | ireland, planning | no coments »

“the big dig will start in about 2 years time, the city centre will be dug up with the new metro and luas lines”

said by frank fahey (member of the irish parliament and head of the transport committee) on today fm (i heard it through the rail users ireland podcast). the phrase “the big dig” scared me, the history of tunnelling in dublin scares me as well as the thought that frank probably thinks that doing anything is better than doing nothing or putting thought into what is done before doing it.

what if…

2007.10.05 | ireland, randomness | no coments »

there was a fascinating show on rte radio 1 over the last few years called “what if…” that dealt with what might have happened in irish history if something didnt happen – like if trams werent taken off the streets of dublin in the late 1950s, “if there was no miserable irish childhood”, if the irish electoral system was different, if cricket was irelands national game and so on.

the latest series is available via podcast with the preceeding series available as streaming audio.

“what if the trams were kept”: real audio link