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apart from “it was pretty much perfect” i dont know how to put “heima” into words. more pictures here.

av entertainment

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on the opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum:

i saw fans labyrinth yesterday. it was amazing – violent, scary, enchanting, historical, imaginative and so on. one of those films that affects ones mind when its over. i wandered around dublin in a bit of a daze afterwards. (last time that happened was for “requim for a dream”)

also saw the justin timberlake / snl “dick in a box” video. (youtube link / nbc link). fantastic, funny, löl etc.


2006.12.11 | movies, randomness | 1 comment »

i want a wii.

currently watching some random french movie on tv5. its over in a few minutes. still waiting for a happy ending. (erm – i just searched for the above link on imdb. and found out that the main point of the film wasnt what i thought it was. (one of the main characters has hiv – i thought (using my poor french) that she wasnt able to have babies). hmm.)

almost time for bed.


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a little while back i went to see the film “the science of sleep” – directed by michel gondry. its one of the best movies ive seen in ages despite (or perhaps caused in part) by a linguistic mashup. the film is mostly in english and french with a tiny bit in spanish. the copy we saw at a film festival didnt have any subtitles – so a woman was sitting at the back of the cinema with a laptop and a fancy machine thingy that allowed her to live subtitle the french parts into finnish. of course it didnt work properly for most of it – so i was reading finnish, listening to french, still laughing at a previous joke in english. hohoh. i sat there smiling like a madman for 105 minutes. anyhoo go see it when it comes to your part of the woods.

previous: december 2003 rant about gondrys directors dvd set.

(i do sort of feel bad that ive started his other film “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” twice and not finished either time. just does nothing for me. i think i just prefer his own stuff)

omg! i just noticed/realised/remembered that the character of zoé is played by emma de caunes – daughter of “eurotrash” presenter antoine de caunes. madness. mmm.

also: the making of the film: google video link (mais c’est en français!)

too much

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within the space of a month or so (with today being near enough to the centre of that month) there is three film festivals on here in helsinki (espoo ciné, doc point and rakkautta & anarkiaa). i love going to the cinema but with so much going on i just cant get my mind into the frame of mind of searching for good movies, going to see those movies non stop for a few days… so i just ignored the three festivals (with the exception of one documentary perhaps).

instead im going to try at least check out some of the events in the “helsinki design week” that goes on in late september / early october. thats it.