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fever ray

fever ray at flow festival 2009. (more pictures here).

in search of newness

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gloriousily fed up with music as of late. i took to clearing off several gb of music from itunes. after five years of using i actually started to use the recommendation station that it had waiting for me. fantastic stuff. as are the mixes on (a recent import into the world of helsinki)


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everything i listen to is in a digital format. the other day i bought a cd, imported it into itunes, put the cd back in its box and put it into a press* along with hundreds of other cds. perhaps i’ll never need to see the cd again.

whenever i buy music online from i keep the original order .zip file safely stored away in an external hard drive. why? no idea. inertia i guess needs for me to have a “the original” filed away in a rarely accessed folder of a drive.



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from this interview with the “head of mobile” at microsoft uk

the fee for downloading tracks – £1.50 – is relatively high compared to 79p on itunes and less than that on certain amazon tracks. why is that?

we’re constantly reviewing our pricing and if we feel this price point is incorrect, we’ll look to amend it.

meaning: we’re selling the songs to people who dont read magazines like this, nor who spent a lot of time surfing tech sites on the internet. so, if we can get away with it, we will. shhhh.

if i buy these songs on your service – and they’re locked to my phone – what happens when i upgrade my phone in six months’ time?

well, i think you know the answer to that.

meaning: you’re screwed.

can you really expect people to buy music that’s locked to a device they upgrade every 12 to 18 months?

i didn’t realise phones were churning that quickly in the marketplace these days. i’m sure there are some users who change their phone every year. this is an introduction – it’s a toe in the water for msn mobile and we’ll see how the service develops and we’ll keep a very close eye on it, and we’ll look to amend and change it as necessary as time progresses.

meaning: i am head of mobile in microsoft uk because no one else wanted the job.

the mind boggles.

twice around the block

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itunes v bleep

do i pay 0,99e for an aac of 3m44s or 1,35e for 4m05s for an mp3?

update: i just tried to buy the mp3 on bleep, it was my first time using (the amalgamation of bleep + warpmart). previously bleep was a fantastic and easy place to get mp3s – quick, simple, no fuss etc. now on it was incredibly unintuitive to buy a single mp3. my purchase failed to download, plus the 1,35 was displayed as euros/sterling/dollars during various points of the process. looking forward to them un-beta-ing. ( was previously a site that i looked to jealously for its ease of use and integration – people who got it. seems they’ve taken a step backwards).