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new trams

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the extension to the tram network here in helsinki is complete and the new route for the 3b + 3t trams start in operation in a few weeks (from march 30th). here is some info on it all (in finnish) on the hkl site.

because the links on annoyinlgy change randomly ive mirrored the map here in jpg format

helsinki 1701

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helsinki 1701

view in google earth: helsinki 1701 (kmz opens a 1,3mb .png file in google earth)

central helsinki in 1701 was a lot different to what it is now, kluuvilahti (gloviken, kluuvi bay) stretched down from töölönlahti towards aleksanterinkatu. the map above is 308years old and doesnt really match up perfectly with the satellite image in google earth – but its enough to show the differences.

the old shoreline of kluuvilahti is remembered in the streetart piece kluuvinlahden fossiilit by tuula närhinen.

more info about the history of kluuvilahti here (in finnish):
kluuvi kuivatus
hel ksv: viikonnimi – kluuvi

thanks to mari for this random image. (its taken from “helsingin neljävuosisataa” by eino e. suolahti)

dublin port tunnel

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dublin port tunnel from 1541 on vimeo.

i finally got to go through dublin port tunnel when i was home just before christmas. i got the front seat upstairs in the bus to heuston station and i was all set for a great show. from an engineering perspective the tunnel is fantastic – but from a design point of view its horrendous. the tunnel ends up looking like a service tunnel. (just because its mostly for truckers doesn’t mean it should be ugly)

although its nice to see dublin planners finally thinking in 3d – its just a shame they didnt think beyond 3d and just moved the port out of the city like they’ve done here in helsinki. (hmm i thought i had posted about the helsinki port project on here but i dont think i have, will have to rectify that.)


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now its been decided:


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on thursday the helsinki city planning department open their new exhibtion space right in the centre of the city. its located in the old bus terminal (between kamppi shopping centre and lasipalatsi). this summer sees an exhibition of future public transport proposals.