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2008.05.01 | finland, google earth, helsinki, planning | no coments »

ive been following the construction of the mt100 road project here in helsinki – a few times a week i take a bus that passed a big hole that in time will hold a tunnel. the tunnel is being built in segments to accommodate the need for regular traffic to still pass the very busy crossroads.

the pdf documents on the tiehallinto website give lots of information but they lack a context to them.

ive taken those pdfs and converted them to png format and added them to my server and you can view them here:
google maps: view map

google earth: click here and open the file in google earth. (the png files are a total of 2,6mb)

mt100 project page in english / mt100 pictures
helsingin sanomat article (in finnish) about the ruskeasuo traffic changes. a motorcyclist was killed at the crossing on tuesday.


2008.04.09 | architecture, denmark, planning | no coments »

walking around sydhavnen last week in copenhagen i saw a little bit of dutch architectural/urban planning influence on the shape of the city. the dutch architect sjoerd soeters helped on the masterplan for the area. (here is the link on the website of arkitema architects who co-authored the masterplan)

oma i kbh

this week oma were announced as the winners of the bryghusprojektet (the brewery site project) in the centre of copenhagen. lots of pictures available here


2008.02.28 | finland, helsinki, planning | no coments »

the live helsinki transport map that i mentioned last year got discussed in the guardian today.

also, i just saw this swiss train locator:

(oh and the dublin one! [via])

dublin metro

2008.01.18 | ireland, planning | no coments »

“the big dig will start in about 2 years time, the city centre will be dug up with the new metro and luas lines”

said by frank fahey (member of the irish parliament and head of the transport committee) on today fm (i heard it through the rail users ireland podcast). the phrase “the big dig” scared me, the history of tunnelling in dublin scares me as well as the thought that frank probably thinks that doing anything is better than doing nothing or putting thought into what is done before doing it.


2008.01.17 | finland, helsinki, planning | no coments »


a long planned tunnel underneath helsinki city centre looks unlikely now to be built because of a change of heart of one of the main parties in the helsinki city council. i wonder if audible gasps were heard from members of the other parties when the decision was announced yesterday.

the tunnel was due to cost about 500million euros and would have stretched from ruoholahti to the west of the city and go to just north of sörnäinen.

helsinki city planning department: central tunnel website (in finnish)
helsingin sanomat: proposed helsinki tunnel unlikely to be built (in english)
also an anti-tunnel site by activists:

at the same time there is some doubt about the metro extention westwards to espoo – rising costs (going from 430million euros to 800million euros). hopefully now that the central tunnel has been (most likely) cancelled resources can be put into the metro extension. ( story).

there was a story in helsingin sanomat a while back about the high rates of lone drivers in cars coming from espoo to helsinki.