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kai kuusisto

a fantastic picture taken by kai kuusisto. i saw it in the july/august 2009 issue of we are helsinki.

i live on the street where the picture was taken, i remember a night where the weather was very very similar.

(also the current issue of we are helsinki (sept/oct 2009) is full of info about helsinki design week 2009)

the auteurs

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watching “i heart huckabees” on a new film site called “the auteurs“. the quality was pretty good (full screen of above). one film on its own is 5euros, 20euros gives you unlimited movies over a month – which is a good option for those dark winter nights. (an option without subtitles would be nice though)

a picture

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i sat in the park today for a few hours – reading, listening to music, laying there – watching people coming and going, walking slowly, jogging, dogs barking, babies crying.

a mother pushed a pram – then laid out a blanket under a tree and sat herself and her baby son down on it – she hugged him and kissed him and talked to him. i really wanted to take a picture of this moment and for somehow to give it to the kid when he had grown up, a picture of an unforced, unrehearsed moment between his mother and him. a little while later they look up and wave. the father arrives. i always look at how couples greet each other, i guess wondering how a relationship evolves when there is something as crazy as a kid around. the man and woman held hands, he then leaned down and kissed the baby on the head and then her on the lips. they stayed for a little bit and then all three continued with their evening.

i didn’t take any pictures in the park this evening.


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doodle jump(i’ll preface all this with: im not a big gamer)

years ago people would sit around playing a computer game. friends, strangers and enemies would try to out do each other for years on end on a particular game. documentaries were made about high scores – of games that were built, sold and played and played and played.

the other day i bought a game called doodle jump for my ipod touch. it has some really nice features, you can send you score to your facebook profile, you can see how you’re getting on in comparison with your friends or with all players in the world. of course, i was doing really bad in comparison with the worlds best – getting a fraction of their score. the other day a free update (version 1,3) was waiting for me in itunes. i installed and started a new game. a minute or so into it i saw a change – the character now had the chance to pick up a jet pack. fantastic! but of course this makes it easier for the player to get higher scores. nothing necessarily wrong with that – but it was my first experience of playing a game of this type where it was updated in this way. i can compare scores now with friends / strangers but i’ll have to enquire as to what version of the game they’re playing first.