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2006.08.30 | sigur rós | no coments »

if you’re a little bit bored as the summer turns into autumn – go check this out: – managers tour diary. it was done by the manager of sigur rós over the bands most recent tour in iceland a few weeks back (and the bands final tour for a long time). at the moment (wednesday night) there is ten entries from the tour on it, we will publish the final three over the next few days.

(they filmed the whole tour and will release it on dvd at some stage in the near future (trying to predict a sigur rós release is pointless)).


2006.04.02 | sigur rós | no coments »

i finally got around to updating our tour diary with news of last weeks concerts – i added the concert pics to the sigur rós flickr site..


2006.04.01 | music, photo, sigur rós | no coments »

lots and lots of people taking pictures at the two concerts last week – the screens of camera phones and small digicams was lighting up the audience like lighters held aloft at a scorpions concert. i tried to take similar pics at the mew concert here a few weeks back – but it wasnt as succesful.


2005.11.17 | photo, sigur rós | 1 comment »

sigur rós did two concerts here in helsinki late last month – i spent some time updating the tour diary over that weekend but i never got to mentioning about it here. above are three photos, the first is of the first song – glósóli – the second smáskífa and the third is the of them bowing at the end of the concert. a great/drunken/hectic/exhasuting weekend was had.

(the second image might look a bit crap, but its of one of my highlights of their live show. smáskífa is made up of two parts, the second part is mindblowing. the band leave the stage leaving orri playing keyboards on his own – the visuals of of birds sitting on a telephone line – the colours inverted. as orri plays the birds come and go, then just as orri finishes and stands up to leave the stage the birds all fly away as if in syncronicity with him. an amazing moment that never dulls despite seeing it five or six times this year).


2005.09.19 | new york city, sigur rós, travel | 1 comment »

i got back this morning after a fantastic week. got to see three great concerts, got into a taping of conan o brien on tuesday (it was broadcast here in finland last friday), met up with lots of friends, got very little sleep, enjoyed the hot hot hot weather, drank lots of poland spring, didnt spend too much money, got an sas frequent flyer card, watched “madagascar”, got charged 25€ for receiving text messages (i think), saw the cats again, ate some fancy noodles and i sat in two amazing venues and wished for a proper camera.

just remembered: bought lots of magazines in that place on broadway, got season 1 of samurai jack on dvd and we got interviewed for the new york times whilst waiting for conan!

update: some pictures on flickr [2005.09 nyc + boston].