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2004.05.09 | site | no coments »

new blogger launching later tonight. blogger is fantastic, but sometimes it can be very limiting it what it can do. my present webhost doesnt have the php larky id need if i was to change over to moveabletype or one of those other ones. so we’ll see what new features are unveiled later.

i think the magpies from yesterday morning decided to move their construction to an area where there are less parties, they werent around long enough to see the päiväkoti (school for 0-7yr olds) right under the tree. no screaming kids for them.

may 10 update 1: they have introduced a few cool new things, including commenting (rather than having to get an outside site to do it).. but ive set the commenting up and ta daaa .. its not working 🙂 doh.

may 10 update 2: the comments seem to be working, but only on new posts. strange.