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2006.07.06 | uncategorised | 3 comments »

“kabooom” is the noise of absolutely everything in my life changing. everything that i do and hold dear is in the process of change at the moment and its miiindbloooooowiiiiing.


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the last week has left me exhausted/happy/hungover. the weather was/is warm, i have some new good friends, some cool stickers and some plans for the future that i’ve to carry out. all in all a great week.

see pictures of the aula thingy here:
2006.06 aula: movement (cameraphone images)
2006.06.14 aula movement
2006.06.15 aula movement


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flowfestival line up looks good. highlights for me: gravenhurst, happy mondays dj set, mugison, aavikko, tv-resistori, coldcut dj set, josé gonzález


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i’ve been trying to write an ad for some työtila for the last two weeks. everytime i start the email i go blank.

silvia night

2006.05.21 | uncategorised | 3 comments »

oh man the eurovision is over. but silvia night (silvía nótt) makes me laugh so much (and makes greece go “boo”!). here are some youtube vidoes of here in action:

silvia night in mtv japan. first thing she says “dont mention björk – cos shes a retard – i feel really bad for her cos everyone is making fun of her” and then .. “i am (in japan) shopping for a kid – there are some really cute japanese kids here. for my boyfriend romario – his wife – she really wants a kid – so im buying it for her”

silvia night tokyo. a fantastic japanese / icelandic mashup of silvia night on the streets of tokyo.

silvia goes nuts after the eurovision. so fantastic – ranting at the reporters. check it out!

mastercard commercial in japan