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2006.05.11 | uncategorised | 1 comment »

somewhere along the line my media player has stopped displaying the video part to my irish tv streams. listening to television is a strange experience. slightly off putting.


2006.05.10 | uncategorised | no coments »

computer slowly but surely dying. hard disk one (c + d drives) had some big error 2 weeks ago that knocked out some of my mp3s. hard disk two (e drive) went last night – took some sr concert recordings. not too many though. every time i boot into it now i get an error message, chkdsk, and the ever present recovered file dirs. strange how the same thing is happening to two seperate drives. anyhoo – backed up nearly everything this morning onto a new external hd. life is constantly eventful.


2006.04.30 | uncategorised | no coments »

my internet is fixed, my phone is broken, a hard drive may be about to die, my camera lens cap was lost last night whilst drunk (around the same time the phone broke), spring is here complete with a week of amazing weather and sunsets and this and that. long days in work and college are making me tired and despair at my diet (if that makes sense). thats it. oh – babies are being born or about to be born, and a holiday is being planned. hmm. thats about everything.


2006.03.12 | uncategorised | no coments »

the joke went on for a little too long, but the punchline was fantastic and well worth it all. the “conan in finland” episode was on nbc in america last friday and is on subtv here in finland on wednesday (and on lots of bit torrent sites now)


2006.02.10 | uncategorised | 1 comment »

ive had a (billpay) mobile phone for the last 9,5 years. and today i got my lowest monthly bill ever: 5,06€ !