what looks back

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a woman reading dagens nyheter.

flying between copenhagen and london, july 2011.


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handwriting and hopes for the future.


2011.06.14 01:43 | finland, movies, photo | 1 comment »

a postcard from a finnish film/documentary called “jäävuoren varjoon” (the iceberg shadow). i saw the film with some friends last month in a small makeshift cinema in kallio – the film is about a film-maker who finds a collection of 8mm films reels in a flea market, he watches them and tries to find out more about the person who shot the movie. a fantastic film. (trailer)


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shush helsinki, june 12th 2011. jätkäsaari, helsinki. information about the event is here.

coney island

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a subway station in coney island, nyc. february 2011.