Category: art

  • shush

    shush helsinki, june 12th 2011. jätkäsaari, helsinki. information about the event is here.

  • tracks

    a photo series by photographer will amlot called “tracks” that i found and lost and just found again – from a magazine called “the space between” that a friend put out a few years back. a quote by the photographer from the article: “a track is a place where people have put their mark on […]

  • kiasma

    after spending some time at the pixelache festival, we walked around kiasma for a while. as per usual so many good things going on there. highlights were some pictures of ireland and other places by finnish photographer heli rekula (one of the pictures/video instillations was of an island off the coast of ireland that i […]

  • pixelache

    we went to a few of the performances at the pixelache 2005 festival last weekend that was held (mostly) in kiasma. i went to a talk on wikipedia in the morning that was mildly interesting, it was pretty early so i think everyone was still a bit sleepy. in the afternoon we saw two performances […]