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  • taken at 1600 today. winter darkness has arrived.

  • july

    holiday season here in helsinki. everyone gone, trams have 20% less people in them, free newspapers stop publishing, the english language section of the main newspaper isnt being updated, places that have job offers on websites asking you to email them automatically reply straight away to the email saying “olen lomalla” (i am on holidays), […]

  • ateenaan

    it arrived today, so i decided to go have a look. we first went to the street about a minute from our apartment, but apparently it had already gone by and only coca cola staff collecting bottles were any sign that it had gone through. so a little bit later i cycled to meilahti and […]

  • hirvijärvi

    0115 saturday night / sunday morning. such a relaxing weekend. thursday and today are rainy but friday and saturday were calm warm days. we rowed around islands, keeping away from the new born seagulls but still getting warning noises from the adult seagulls. we sauna’d and fished from the pier (where i took the above […]