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  • walking north in kyoto

    i bought a book in nyc in ’98 or ’99, a book on the works of japanese architect shin takamatsu. i’d never heard of the architect before so i’m not sure why i bought the book, but buy it i did. looking through it later i became captivated by a building called ‘Origin I’. the […]

  • tunnel

    osaka, japan. october 2008

  • red

    sanzen-in temple, ohara. kyoto japan.

  • umeda sky building

    a little jetlagged, we staggered up to the top of the building. the air still warm, cool well dressed japanese couples swarmed around the viewing deck. it seemed like we were the only tourists. we watched planes land at kansai airport, a few even passed between me and the moon. the city below us was […]

  • reflective

    osaka, october 2008. (flickr)