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2008.04.23 | mobile, randomness | no coments »

have to admit to be slightly surprised to find out that jaiku is now being run as a “20%” project by the jaiku staff who joined google when they were bought out. (jaiku link: “googlea ei kiinnosta jaiku palveluna, tiimi tekee sitä 20% ajallaan” translates as “google arent interested in the jaiku service, the team does it on their 20% free time”

of course in the long term bits of jaiku and the ideas behind jaiku will find their way into parts of google / android etc., but for the time being its sort of strange to think something i have on my phone 24/7 is a side project. hopefully the “coming soon” port to google apps engine will mean that the backend of the site will be sorted out and more features can be put into the site. fingers crossed.

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2008.01.25 | mobile, randomness | 1 comment »

ive about 8000 exported sms messages sitting on a hard drive in .vmg format (the format one gets when exporting sms from nokia pc suite). ive almost given up in being able to view those files in any decent format (like somethin close to the style of ichat or gmail)

in the mean time i have been using gysnc to sync the sms messages on my phone to that of my gmail account. every day it sends the messages to my gmail account and a message and the corresponding replies become a gmail conversation. fantastic stuff. the only shame is that plus nokia pc suite doesnt allow one to import the exported .vmg files back into the inbox or sent folder on your phone (only the useless “draft” folder).

it really is odd to think of the number of text messages out there, plus the number of .vmg files out there that there isnt a better way to take all those old messages and make them properly viewable. one application (abc amber nokia converter) just converts them – not maintaining any of the conversational context of the messages.


2007.10.09 | helsinki, mobile | no coments »

ive been using jaiku for about 15 months now, from the early beta days in julyish last year when it crashed my (albeit non supported) 3230 and then again in november after i got a bit bored of twitter. ive had it running almost non stop on my phone since february of this year and the latest client makes it a joy to use.

basically jaiku is something that integrates your phones address book with a service that allows you to talk to your friends. i tried to log into the site a little while ago and it was down for some reason, then i check the site again only to find that they have been bought by google!. fantastically brilliant news. wondering how it ties in with all the gphone talk as of late.