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  • jaiku

    have to admit to be slightly surprised to find out that jaiku is now being run as a “20%” project by the jaiku staff who joined google when they were bought out. (jaiku link: “googlea ei kiinnosta jaiku palveluna, tiimi tekee sitä 20% ajallaan” translates as “google arent interested in the jaiku service, the team […]

  • sms

    ive about 8000 exported sms messages sitting on a hard drive in .vmg format (the format one gets when exporting sms from nokia pc suite). ive almost given up in being able to view those files in any decent format (like somethin close to the style of ichat or gmail) in the mean time i […]

  • jaiku

    ive been using jaiku for about 15 months now, from the early beta days in julyish last year when it crashed my (albeit non supported) 3230 and then again in november after i got a bit bored of twitter. ive had it running almost non stop on my phone since february of this year and […]