Category: movies

  • varjoon

    a postcard from a finnish film/documentary called “jäävuoren varjoon” (the iceberg shadow). i saw the film with some friends last month in a small makeshift cinema in kallio – the film is about a film-maker who finds a collection of 8mm films reels in a flea market, he watches them and tries to find out […]

  • the auteurs

    watching “i heart huckabees” on a new film site called “the auteurs“. the quality was pretty good (full screen of above). one film on its own is 5euros, 20euros gives you unlimited movies over a month – which is a good option for those dark winter nights. (an option without subtitles would be nice though)

  • visualising

    months ago i saw the few moments from a movie – a camera slowly floating above a landscape as two silhouettes stood side by side beside the outline of a tree. it was one of those moments where you just stopped in your tracks and stared. it was from the movie “heaven” by tom tykwer. […]

  • interlude

    i remember seeing “la haine” in the screen cinema in dublin back in ’95 or ’96, i staggered out of it a bit shellshocked. the scene in which the dj played to a inneryard as the camera panned and flew around was just fantastic.

  • 3 seconds

    best three seconds in movie history. also: who is he?