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  • times

    timely enough the economist has a survey of new york in the current edition. here is the last paragraph: dr johnson famously said that when a man is tired of london, he is tired of life. whether true or not for london, the same cannot be said of new york, because new york is larger […]

  • santiago calatrava

    (pic take from just went to his website to get the correct spelling of his name, i always get it wrong, when i saw this building. new york – 80th south street tower the building will be mr. calatrava’s first residential project in the united states. the principal units of the building are 45-foot […]

  • angel project

    in this weeks economist there is a review of an art exhibition/tour taking place in nyc until july 27th. its at the lincoln center. well, its actually a walking tour of new york city and takes in some things that one wouldnt normally see on a tour. here are some excerpts from the article. ninety […]