Category: planning

  • map

    my time in london has been powered by google maps and also a few quick maps like the above, scribbled on post-it notes or a4 paper and there just in case.

  • motorways

    the e18 motorway project running across southern finland from turku to hamina is expected to be complete by 2015. minister of transport anu vehviläinen says that after its inauguration, no further motorways will be needed in finland. source: news

  • keharata

    kehärata: the new circle train line that will serve the airport. i saw ads for it earlier at pasila train station.

  • raidejokeri

    above is a picture of the proposed route for the raidejokeri light rail project – it will go from itäkeskus in the east to tapiola in the west. funny to see pictures of dublin in the raidejokeri website.

  • building

    i just started to read a book i got for christmas – called “the builders” by frank macdonald and kathy sheridan (of the irish times). only on page 35 so far, but here are some interesting extracts: “… successive governments had failed to implement the 1974 keane report on building land, which recommended that all […]