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  • oh eight, part 3

    the year went onwards and autumn decended sunrise bringing life to a new day. ms. paula. lots of babies and additions throughout the year, with some more to come in 2009 no doubt. hurrah! borrowed a fisheye lens for a day or two – amazing. i want it. september was a strange month – parties, […]

  • oh eight, part 2

    this was the time of the year where i was disctracted by one big project. those that met me over this part of the year probably had to listen to me ramble on and on about it, so i’ll say nothing more 🙂 dinners in london and iceland in june. yum. cranes. a little while […]

  • oh eight, part 1

    another year over. its really amazing how years go by faster and faster as one gets older. “time flies when you’re having fun” – perhaps, but i think it goes faster when you’re not. starting a year is never really starting something new, there is always the effects of the year before to contemplate and […]