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sigur rós live in tallinn, helsinki and electric picnic.

top picture: at electric picnic
bottom picture: at kulttuuritalo, helsinki


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9years and 2days since the 2nd of the 9th ’99.


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i spent the last while upgrading most of the code behind the static pages on – nice when things dont break and i also get to learn some stuff.

(dont ask me to define “while”)


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i got an email the other day from ebay congratulating me on my second year with the site. the reason i signed up for the site was to complain about someone out there (in italy) who took one of my images, downloaded a sigur rós concert from us for free – burnt some cds, printed some cd booklets (with my picture on the cover) and put a listing on ebay – “1000 limited edition copies of (random concert) on sale for 20euros each”. the email wasnt a nice reminder that there are people out there who just like to make very easy money off something that i/we do for nothing.

hello postman

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‘hvarf/heim’ and ‘heima’ arrived today. hurrah