Category: travel

  • 22 frames

    in march i filmed a 10minute video whilst sitting on an uptown 1 train, above are 22 screenshots from that video. (filmed from just before 23rd street until 66th street station)

  • viðey

    a trip to viðey (a short ferry ride from reykjavík) a few weeks ago to see the lighting of the “imagine peace tower” (with yoko ono and sean lennon in attendance). the lighting of the tower, a full moon, northern lights and a satellite passing overhead. pretty fantastic.

  • what looks back

    a woman reading dagens nyheter. flying between copenhagen and london, july 2011.

  • strange days

    heavy snowfall in ireland in december was odd odd odd (and cool) top two: dublin, december 2010 bottom two: county limerick, december 2010

  • captive audience

    oh the window seat, long flights or short flights i always go for the window seat. i love gazing out for hours on end watching the scenery roll by, trying to locate myself on a map in my mind. last month when flying back from new york i looked out an hour or two after […]