Category: video

  • floating over the east river

    i made this yesterday, going between roosevelt island and manhattan.

  • summer

  • song of the year

    jónsi & alex – daníell in the sea. (perhaps i am a little bit biased, but its still one of the most wonderous things i’ve ever heard)

  • a different day

    last week we went to see the “nuoret 2009” exhibition on at taidehalli here in helsinki. following on from previous posts here (in 2006 & 2003), above is a video from pinja sormunen that uses a few seconds per day instead of a snapsnot. 334 päivää (334 days) lasts for over 30minutes so i only […]

  • grand central

    the reflections from the 5th to the 10th second is just astounding & hypnotising. a lovely video