sigur rós torrents
welcome to the relaunched torrent tracking page.

the main purpose of this page is to direct fans to different sites so as to be able to get the latest sigur rós (and amiina) recordings. from now on i will be adding the torrents to the site (registration for that site isnt required to download any torrents)

note!: at the moment i am still setting this page up again. so it will be another week or so (i.e. mid jan) before things get back to normal

email updates:
(your email address will never be shared)

rss updates:
i have set up a concert log which lets you know about the latest updates to this tracker + recordings on other sites. you can also subscribe to the rss feed of that log

file type info:
to play .flac files we recommend the following: foobar2000 (win), winamp + plugin (win), vlc (most platforms).
to burn dvds use any decent dvd burning software. i use nero.
for avi files you might need the latest xvid (codec) or divx (codec)

this page is run so as to provide information for sigur rós fans who wish to download live concerts that have been recorded and released for people to download. i firmly believe that fans should never have to pay for other fans recordings. so please never bid on ebay or whereever for a live recording. you can get that recording from us for free. all you are paying for is the cd case and image.

this site previousily hosted a bit torrent tracker but that was taken offline because it had proved too popular (i.e. it would have cost a lot of money to continue)