2007.01.09 01:39 | randomness

nice to come home after three weeks away to find a bundle of post waiting. im sleepy.
only one poster (the big one) and one photo fell from my bedroom wall in my absence.
i like getting bills that ive already payed. makes me feel good.
(not looking forward to the next one though)
i got my first issue to the drunken jpg magazine subscription i took out a while back.
also got the design 2007 issue of muoto lehti.
keep remembering things.
the hel looks exhibition is gonna be in copenhagen.
i like the check-in kiosks in airports.
why is it still really warm here in helsinki? its +5c and raining. shouldnt be.

oh. i got to see turkish star wars 2 (imdb link) the other night in copenhagen. with dutch subtitles (yes dutch). i didnt understand a thing. but thats not the point. didnt have the mindwarpingness of the first one but it was still enjoyable.

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