Category: randomness

  • 22 frames

    in march i filmed a 10minute video whilst sitting on an uptown 1 train, above are 22 screenshots from that video. (filmed from just before 23rd street until 66th street station)

  • expectations

    handwriting and hopes for the future.

  • the cloud

    i recently got a new computer, a wondrously small, fast, super nice new one. it replaced a 5 year old computer that served me well. moving from a backup of the old computer to my new computer was made really easy by the newest buzz word: “the cloud”. most of my data now is stored […]

  • 173 seconds

    absolute perfection.

  • from memory

    a few months back i gave myself the task of going somewhere based on 20+ year old memories. as a kid i would visit my grandaunt & uncle who lived in london. i think the last time i was there was when i was about 12 or so. i had vague recollections of the area; […]