page 123

2008.03.12 01:13 | architecture, randomness

or for me, page 125.

from i get tagged.

1. pick up the nearset book (of at least 123 pages).
2. open the book on page 123.
3. find the fifth sentance.
4. post the next three sentences.
5. tag five people.

the book closest to me is a book on tokyo. called “tokyo: city and architecture” by livio sacchi.

page 123 is chapter notes, page 124 is an image and the excerpt from page 125 is as follows:

“in 1914 his (referring to frank lloyd wright) taliesin buildings burned down,with the well-known, dramatic implications for the architect’s private and personal life. the celebrated studio-home was gradually reconstructed and its plan certainly recalls the imperial villa of katsura, near kyoto, built with the supervision of the theosophist kobori ensho in the early 17th century, a sublime summa of classical japanese architecture and garden art.”

a note to myself is written on the inner sleeve – telling me where i got it (dublin) that i hoped it would be a good book. back then tokyo seemed a very far away place and it still does. one day.

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