2009.10.03 14:37 | finland, helsinki, randomness

from the air

ark magazine cover. may 2000. the white blob in the middle is helisnki. the black inverted “v” at the top of the picture is the runway at helsinki vantaa airport.

ark magazine, photo notes:
in the helsinki region, a dispute centres on the master plan and proposals by officals to build new areas on the sea. seen from outer space, the borders made by people disappear and a large, uniforma, and for the present at least, uniformed landscape appears. the helsinki region and the archipelago formed by glaciation seen in a satellite radar image: settlement is white, the lakes are medium brown and the forests dark. the shade of the sea indicate changing wind conditions. the blue streak in the sea is a suspected oil spill. the city of helsinki is in the centre of the picture.
(photo: esa 1995, eurimage, novosat ltd.)

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