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the final year thesis had a duration of approximately five months. it covered all aspects involved in the construction of a multi-million pound sheltered community in dingle, which is located on the south west coast of the republic of ireland. it was a real life project for the camphill community organisation.
the thesis was divided into five sections, of which a small representation will be shown below. the site consisted of six residential units, one community centre, craft centre and teaching area aswell as farm facilities and agricultural land. the following are the stages involved in the overall submission.
all pdf files require adobe acrobat (pdf files produced using autocad and then converted to pdf)
stage 1
preliminary site investigation
architectural student submission
stage 2. esquisse and preliminary drawings
jan.00. esquisse.pdf
stage 3. 1:20 outline section
mar.00. 1:20 outline section: house s3-01.pdf                               
  1:20 outline section: house ramp construction s3-04.pdf
stage 4. 1:50 scale general arrangement plans and sections
apr.00. 1:50 generic house: ground and lower level floor plans s4-01.pdf
  1:50 generic house: upper level floor plan s4-02.pdf
  1:50 generic house: sections s4-03-1.pdf
  1:50 generic house: elevations s4-04-1.pdf
  1:50 generic house: foundation and roof plans s4-05.pdf
  1:50 community centre: floor plan s4-06.pdf
  1:50 community centre: sections s4-07.pdf
  1:50 community centre: elevations s4-08-1.pdf
  1:50 community centre: foundation and roof plans s4-09.pdf
1:2500 site plan s4-10-1.pdf
stage 5 room finishes and details
may.00 1:50 room finishes: ground and lower level floor plans s5-01-1.pdf
  various scales: external timber wall construction details s5-02-1.pdf
files produced using autocad 2000