wrap up

the new updated blogger (a month old now) implemented a commenting system that isnt very good (its only one or two steps from being properly useable). so i went back to holoscan (the one ive been using for the preceeding six months or so).

the interview and test went sort of okay. my method of preperation (not speaking any finnish for the last two weeks) didnt help me too much. i stumbled over a few lines here and there and the interview part was me mumbling random stuff. the drawings (four drawings of a northern italian town) came out okay. i was very nervous last night and i couldnt sleep until 3am i think. i have no idea as to when the results are out. fingers crossed.

things are cranking up and up for this weekend. our “wine and cheese” party. alice should be here thursday, sara will be here friday and some of saras friends come aswell for the party. that reminds me, i need to send out the email invitations.

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