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2009.05.23 | internets, randomness, site | 3 comments »

i have a soft spot for “single serving website” (i.e. websites that provide only one single piece of information). a few months back i had an idea for one of those pages – using it as a way for me to learn a few things, i wasnt able to get it to work out but this time i was able to get another idea from 0 to working in a few hours.


it can be difficult to remember exactly when all the super markets close here in helsinki – all sundays in spring they are closed, then they open up – but not the next sunday after that (as its finnish mothers day). then they open up again. can cause some confusion.

a few hours spent messing with phpicalendar, its template, css and javascript files. its not perfect, its not even all that useful to pretty much everyone on the planet – but thats what the internet is all about.


2007.11.15 | randomness, site | no coments »

messing with themes. my old theme wasnt compatible with wordpress 2,3 so im messing with a new theme and will mess with that to get the look i want. but thats for tomorrow


2006.10.26 | site | no coments »

just moved over to wordpress. will set up proper redirects from blogger html to wordpress php and / or new (location) blogger html tomorrow.

the rss feed for this blog is available here.

back to regular programming soon.


2006.10.09 | site | no coments »

going to be taking a little break from here for a few weeks – going to denmark/iceland later this week for a little while and im also moving from blogger to wordpress – so i gotta design a theme (how come nearly all wordpress themes look like “wordpress themes”? gotta learn some css too).

back in late october. email or sms!


2006.10.05 | site | no coments »

ryanair bids for aer lingus!

(on an aside – i tried to publish this post 13hours ago when the news was just announced on the radio – but alas refused to connect and publish it – not for the first time either. wordpress here i come)