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  • album

    woo! i had give up trying to get wordpress talking to flickr – a plugin available to display all flickr sets as albums on my own site just didnt/wouldnt work. i read then about falbum and i got it and installed it and hey presto! it worked. then i messed/chopped up/hacked the css and default […]

  • goddam

    “the server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.” blogger tests darren.

  • updates

    i changed the commenting system on here from haloscan to bloggers own in built one. they have improved their system a lot. i got a job (2 days a week), i start in a few weeks after i get back from holidays. my phone is dying. dying dying dying. it stops when i want to […]

  • fancy

    every since i got the website upgraded last week ive been spending time messing around with the new functions and programmes i can install on the website. i now have php and all that stuff, so all manner of exciting new things are open to me. i installed wordpress and uninstalled it about five times. […]

  • wrap up

    the new updated blogger (a month old now) implemented a commenting system that isnt very good (its only one or two steps from being properly useable). so i went back to holoscan (the one ive been using for the preceeding six months or so). the interview and test went sort of okay. my method of […]